For two years I've thoroughly enjoyed researching the food additives "scientests" produce and put

into all processed food. Also how the FDA classifies them as G.R.A.S. (Generally Recognized As

Safe)  With about 95% of the research I've done over the last two years the actual science, toxicity

reports, manufacturing processes and pure technical aspect of it suggests otherwise.


When you see something that is "hazardous by definition", toxic, poisonous or corrosive and it's in

the food you're eating, you would surely have to stop, think and ask, "That's going to go in me.

Wait... It passes through the placental barrier? It decreases the testicular weight in mice? It's

produced with volcano ash? It's processed with krypton gas? It affects genetic material?"


Now, my main argument is this: If you know the food additive is toxic, corrosive or hazardous by

definition, if it requires flammable or corrosive DOT stickers while transporting, if it has safety

precautions, spill procedures and you must wear suitable protective clothing while handling... Can

you even assume it's safe to eat?


Regardless of the exposure limits, the actual amount in food itself, how many regulations and

standards there are or how low the toxicity may be... It is the general principle that the additives

are still put in the foods you eat on a daily basis. I personally don't believe that when a tomato is

dropped you have to evacuate the area and seal off the exits. Because that is exactly the

procedure for some of the chemical agents the FDA allowed in food.



Your Daily Additives





High Fructose Corn Syrup




Sodium Nitrate


Common Food Dyes


Dye Week - Red #40


Dye Week - Blue #1


Dye Week - Blue #2


Dye Week - Yellow #5


Dye Week - Aluminum Lake





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Bonus additives from


Corrosive toxic chemicals the Food and Drug Administration allows in food. Toxicology studies and MSDS reports


This site is contsantly under construction, there are new updates almost everyday with new chemicals, toxins and synthetic additives.

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Legal G.R.A.S


G.R.A.S. List


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